Friday, October 30, 2009

ireland, take 2

ok now that i am mostly awake i will post more about the wonderful country of ireland. because it really is a wonderful country. and it is really green. and pretty.

there was so much to do in dublin, we really had no idea what to do with ourselves. so we had our map out in the first 5 minutes and some precious old irish man came up to us and pointed us in the right direction. so then we started wandering. and found all sorts of fun things. then we got on one of those cheesy open air tour buses and rode around the city. then they are like, "next stop, Dublin Castle." so we get all excited and jump off because its a freaking castle and we wander into the courtyard and there is like nothing to do and it really doesnt look like a castle at all so we were a little sad. but i still took pictures of it. because thats what you do when you are a tourist.

then we just started milling around dublin. we went to trinity college and found these little english children who were precious. and then we went into the student center or something and discovered irish fanta. oh. my. gosh. i cannot begin to describe how good irish fanta is. like im gonna call ireland and ask them to send me cases of it. i basicalyl got dehydrated because all i drank was fanta. i could go on about this for hours but i won't do that. but we had fanta tonight at dinner and it was not the same because it is not made with real fruit.

basically the rest of the time in ireland we went shopping. which was funny. because we kept finding these random underground malls. and we were like oh my gosh its an underground mall. so we would stay in there for hours. and i found an awesome pair of boots. and a cool necklace. and something else... i bought a lot of things. including an irish CD set. it has two CDs in it. so its awesome. i mean i think it is. i havent played it yet though. b/c my computer doesnt have a CD drive.

but i really did love our bus driver Des. he hugged us all like 5 times when we got off the bus. i may have already said that. but he was awesome.

ireland is also land of the fried food. and its kind of like america. i mean we had papa johns for crying out loud. and it made me sick.

what else can i say about ireland? me and cherith might have had a run in with bed bugs. i am not so sure. but she was attacked by something. and i have one bite. but its not a big one. but it itches. so who really knows.

in this one hostel we stayed in there was this french family or something and they had free internet access so the kids were always on it but every time we walked by they freaked out and hid under the table. it was kind of funny.

i dont know if i talked about the queen of tarts yet because, to be honest, i have been writing this same post for like 4 days now and i don't know what i have said so far. but the queen of tarts was like the best restaurant ever. they made all kinds of pastries and what not and i had apple crumble and it was amazing.

the funny thing about hostels is that all the bathroom floors turn into swimming pools after you take a shower. or at least ours did. so thats upsetting. but we persevered. i felt so nasty after that week. because its like, yeah, i took a shower, but then i have to go lay in this nasty hostel bed where other nasty travelers have slept. so you are just completely gross. and it rained in dublin every single day. but it was fun.

oh. another fun thing we did was go to church in st. patrick's cathedral on sunday. it was cool.

i think i am done talking about ireland now.