Tuesday, October 27, 2009

des, where the crap are we?

so i am on free travel right now. and somehow i have wound up in some tiny irish village called lisdoonvarna with nothing to do. but it really is fun. i took a two hour nap. which is the ultimate in pitiful especially when you are on free travel, but when the only place to go in a village is called the matchmaker bar and guarantees a marriage to someone in like 2 days, your options are a little limited on evening activities. we got on a bus to see the cliffs of moher and our driver dropped us off at our hostel (which is real precious by the way and has a great bathroom with a great shower in it) and so we haven't known what to do with ourselves at all.

but our bus driver was real precious and his name was desmond murray (but we called him Des for funsies) and he kept trying to kick me off the bus because he said i had my claddagh ring turned the wrong way. but he was just kidding... i think... i mean he eventually let me back on... after like 5 minutes. whatever.

so i love ireland. it is amazing. i want to live here. like forever. dublin is amazing. i can't even tell you. and my first hostel experience went fine, although it is strange to walk into a room full of like 12 strangers who you will be sleeping with that night. but it was fine. actually it was really fun. then the next day our showers were freezing cold, but it was funny. a lot of funny things have happened on this trip.

but the funniest is the fact that we are stuck in lisdoonvarna. but no worries, des said he would come back and get us around 1 tomorrow, maybe a little earlier, or a little later. haha. i mean i really hope he comes back.

we went to some fun irish places today and des said its where the fairies and leprauchans live. it looked like it. kinda creepy.

this post is real jumbled. but i found an awesome halloween costume so its just great.

ok well i will post again when i return from free travel, if i make it home, which i think i probably will. unless i decide to stay in ireland. which is highly likely.