Friday, October 2, 2009


so i just got back from hours and hours of onsite classes where i fell asleep like every 5 seconds. but it was all worth it because i FINALLY got to see the david. i just stood there gawking at it. and took sneaky pics of it. i just kept walking around it in circles. i am probably going to have to go back like every day. we saw a ton of stuff today though. its all a blur.

lets go back to the soccer game though. it was so fun. italians are insane about their soccer. at one point we looked down and there was red smoke coming from somewhere in our stands. and i was like well this life has been a good run. i guess if youre going to die, its fun to die at an italian soccer game, but it was just some weird thing they do at soccer games since do one else freaked out. then we looked over and some guy had fallen over the balcony and there were paramedics everywhere. always a good time. but florence won! so yay. then some sketch guy on the bus stole a girls wallet that is here. not a good time.

this week has been full of on site classes. which consist of us gathering around statues and listening to this lady talk on and on for hours and then writing about it in our moleskins. i enjoy it most of the time. but not on days like today. when i am delirious. i really liked where we went on wednesday. it was a bunch of midevial towns and one of them had the worlds best gelato. and im not just saying that. they have won the award twice. i got banana flavored. it was good. i dont remember much about the rest of that day. but we did go in a really pretty church where i went picture crazy. and i bought a scarf.

then the next day we went and did a grape harvest. and i dont know why, but i decided to wear flip flops. lets keep in mind that there are like tons of rocks and uneven soil in these vineyards. i was sliding all over the place. but it was fun picking grapes. we didnt stomp them or anything. they weren't ready for that.

one terrifying thing about picking grapes is the amount of spiders everywhere. i was basically having mental breakdowns every 5 seconds. then as i was sitting there eating my lunch, andrew is all "meagan you have a massive spider on you." and i did. it was very large and very hairy and it was crawling all over me and i spazzed out.

the vineyard we went to was in chianti or something. and the mayor came and saw us while we were there. he had on camo. we didn't know he was the mayor. and they made us sing the national anthem. it was a precious moment.

last night we had a review of london musicals. i will probably have to see all of them. so im just gonna go to london now. then we watched hairspray. and i sang and danced the whole time even though i don't really like that movie very much. but it was still good times. ok well. i have massive amounts of homework to do since i can't seem to grasp the concept that i still have to do homework even though i am in italy.


Chelsea said...

I love that you write exactly the way you talk. It makes me happy. Eat some ace flavored gelato for me!


LC said...

YAYAYAY!!!! IT works!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Thank goodness for blogs so i know what your up to in italy!! And the gelato at the medieval town sounds just lovely. and i cant believe you got to go to a soccer game! in europe!! its like the real deal there!! that is so awesome!! love you!! - LeAndrea