Tuesday, September 29, 2009

caffiene is not my friend

last night was a great night here at the villa. there was a band that came and played. and since these people don't know me they didn't realize that letting me drink 3 mountain dews was not a good idea. so i was insane. but it was really fun. and its no use trying to hide who you are from the 40 people living with you, so its ok. i made up a lot of fun new dances. ill do them all when i return home.

yesterday afternoon we went to the uniersity of florence and ate lunch there. it was interesting. and fun. and then we went into the library. heres the deal with italian universities. they don't do the whole class thing. basically they give you a huge textbook and you memorize all of it and then take a big test on it. and thats it. and you do that for a ton of classes until you have to do a thesis. and they tell you if you pass or not. then you graduate. if i went to school in italy i would fail at life. since i am A.D.D. and cannot focus on things. so its a good thing i do not attend the university of florence.

the good news is the cafeteria had chocolate pudding.

on sunday we were forced to walk in a 5K marathon. it was called cori la vita, which in english is run for your life. so we yelled that at the top of our lungs a lot. so basically we were dead tired and were running around with all these italians and had no idea where we were going. so we just gave up eventually and laid down in boboli gardens on a statue and watched this couple make out for like 15 minutes.

then we went back to scandicci and there was a market. and i bought a very very pretty necklace. i love it. a lot.

tonight we are going to the florence vs. liverpool soccer game. it is going to be insanity. i am excited. italy is awesome. i am getting used to it now. and i am so excited about this week. i finally get to see the David and we are just doing a whole bunch of fun stuff. so. i will leave you with my favorite italian phrase. it is, De dove sei? i have no idea what it means. but i like to say it really loud with this manic look on my face.