Sunday, November 8, 2009

let's talk about rome.

what is there to say? rome is awesome. we stayed in a 4 star hotel. our room looked like a palace. well. one room in a palace. and my bed felt like my bed at home. so i woke up and i was so confused and i thought my whole time in europe had been a dream. and i was like where am i. and my roommates were like you are in rome. and then i just hugged my pillow and talked about how much i liked it. im kind of groggy in the mornings.

when we got there we went on a whirlwind tour and hit like all the big stuff pretty much. so it was fun. i had a flippin coronary at the pantheon. i really dont know why... then we went to the trevi fountain and i found the place where i belonged in rome. i went back like 4 times. it was pitiful but also precious.

i also went to the hard rock cafe twice. i cant decide how i feel about that. but i had grilled chicken. and it was nice.

i also went to this restaurant run by nuns. and at 9 they all sing ave maria. and they were supposed to dance. ok well, the ave maria they sang was not the one i knew. and then the freaking nuns didnt dance for our room. i dont know how bad it is to harbor hatred in your heart for a nun, but i was very upset. and so were the 15 other people i convinced to go.

so now i am going to list the things i saw.
1. trevi fountain
2. coliseum
3. some river
4. pantheon
5. 4 rivers fountain
6. a bunch of palazzos
7. trevi fountain again
8. galleria
9. columns
10. palatine hill

im tired of listing now.

so gypsies are funny people. i got hit on by one at the trevi fountain. he tried to kiss me. he almost made it. it was awkward. never let a gypsy hold your hand. it just leads to trouble.

favorite moment of the rome trip was this:

so we wandered to the pantheon accidentally and there was this street performer from finland standing there, and he had this huge plastic microphone that looked like he dragged it out of the trashcan, and he was like rambling about the deathdefying things he was about to perform. and we were like that sounds nice, so we gathered around. and hes like, "i am going to do 10 pushups on my tums." i mean he clearly meant thumbs, but he was from finland so no one knew what he was saying. then hes like, "this is what my pushups will look like." and he gets on the ground. and we are all like why dont you just do the pushups since youre down there. but he hops up and makes us all scoot closer. i am already dying laughing at this point. so we all scooch in and hes like ok now i will show you this trick. and he has all these balls sitting there (keep in mind he says everything into his plastic microphone which does not work) and he starts picking up the balls. and hes like i am going to juggle not 1, not 2, not 4, not 5, not 7, but 6 balls. and im like why did you say not 7 but 6 balls? thats not impressive. so then he just throws two up in the air and hes like,"thats what it will look like except with 6 balls." then he does the whole, scoot in closer routine b/c people are leaving. then the funniest thing happens. he drags this guy out of the crowd who clearly does not want to participate. and hes like, "whats your name?" and hold the microphone up to him. and the guy talks into the microphone (i dont know why he went along with the finish guy, it cleary didnt work) and hes like, "my name is Nunu." and so the finnish guy makes him lay on a mat, oh yeah and its raining, so he gives him an umbrella. so theres Nunu, laying on mat in the middle of the square holding an umbrella. and i am like crying i am laughing so hard now. and then he makes lindsay and april hold this chain across Nunu. and hes like, "i will perform a death-defying sideflip over Nunu for my final act. but then instead of actually doing it, he goes to his little bag of tricks and pulls out a doll. and hes like, it will look like this. and he starts flipping the doll in the air. at this point i just cant contain myself. and i yell, "RUN NUNU," and the street performer looks at me, and he is like, "please be quiet and stop laughing," and he keeps flipping his doll around. and i just completely lose it. then the rain gets really hard, and we are all standing there awkwardly while he flips his doll around, and theres Nunu laying on the mat, and all of a sudden, the finnish street performer says its raining too hard and he cant do his flips or juggle or anything and he packs up all his stuff and leaves.

it was probably the highlight of the whole trip.


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